SEAJET Offers Its Excavation Tech to Offshore Industry through 'Own and operate' Model

May 18, 2021
Credit: SEAJET Systems

Credit: SEAJET Systems

Dubai-based SEAJET Systems has offered its controlled flow excavation (CFE) technology to the offshore energy industry through an "own and operate" model.

"Usually offered as a rental product, SEAJET identified an opportunity to provide a more cost-effective, flexible, and efficient CFE solution with additional performance benefits," SEAJET said.
Established by Dr Hector Susman and Faisel Chaudry, SEAJET offers what it says is one of the most versatile CFE systems on the market. 

"Dr Susman pioneered industry-leading subsea excavation equipment for companies such as Rotech Subsea and James Fisher, and was the original inventor of the mass flow excavation (MFE) “T” and “Twin” tools. Chaudry has more than 15 years’ experience in the sector with Rotech Subsea, Reef Subsea and James Fisher, managing their businesses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East," the company said.

Chaudry said: “We’ve launched SEAJET to meet the significant demand for cable trenching and de-burial in the rapidly growing offshore wind market. In addition, the use of CFE equipment continues to escalate in the inspection, maintenance and repair, decommissioning and salvage applications across oil and gas and marine sectors. Our unique mix of expertise in this specific area of subsea intervention provides customers with a solution they can trust.”

Dr Susman said:"Having designed 95% of the CFE tools available on the market today, with the new SEAJET excavator, I have taken all lessons learned over that 25-year period and introduced the most advanced CFE system to date. Our technology has been optimized to work in the widest range of applications and soil conditions. We have honed the real sweet spot between flow and velocity, resulting in something others cannot offer – a flexible solution with enhanced performance and a business model that has efficiency built-in at every turn.”

Headquartered in Dubai, with operations in Europe and South East Asia, the company currently employs a team of seven people. Together, the senior management team has delivered more than 30 builds of MFE/CFE systems and execution of over 600 trenching/excavation projects globally, the company said.

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