ODE AM Secures Duty Holder Role at IOG's North Sea Project


UK-based oil and gas firm IOG, developing Core Project Phase 1 in the UK North Sea, has awarded the Phase 1 Duty Holder contract for Installation and Pipeline Operator, as well as facilities operations and maintenance (O&M), to ODE Asset Management (ODE AM).

The Core Project comprises gas resources across six discovered UK Southern North Sea gas fields. Phase One, approved by the OGA last year, focuses on the development of Blythe, Elgood, and Southwark fields.

ODE AM will in charge of delivering safe, efficient, and cost-effective production operations from IOG's and CalEnergy's Phase 1 offshore infrastructure in the UK Southern North Sea (SNS), including the Blythe and Southwark platforms, the Thames Pipeline, and the associated subsea connector lines.

ODE AM will also provide O&M and integrated services for Phase 1, including the onshore control room at the Bacton Gas Terminal, travel, training and crew for offshore activities, emergency response, warehousing, and quayside support, and all associated regulatory interface and compliance. 

The contract has mechanisms to incentivize ODE AM to maximize operating efficiencies and an appropriate risk-reward formula for performance against agreed criteria.

"ODE AM has an extensive SNS track record, including as Duty Holder for the Tolmount gas platform on behalf of Humber Gathering System Limited (the Kellas Midstream and Dana Petroleum JV) and Installation and Pipeline Operator for the producing Babbage gas field on behalf of NEO Energy, 2 IOG said.

"This award further cements a relationship that started in early 2018 with ODE AM's appointment as Pipeline Operator for the Thames Pipeline (PL370), since when it has provided pre-operations services on a reimbursable basis. The wider ODE Group is also undertaking engineering, procurement, construction, and installation activities for the ongoing recommissioning of the JV's onshore Thames Reception Facilities at Bacton," IOG added.


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