Danish Offshore Vessel Owner Eyes Business in Norway


Danish offshore vessel owner Maersk Supply Service said Wednesday it would reflag one of its anchor handling vessels to the Norwegian flag, hire Norwegian crew and set up an office in Bergen. The plan is to have its first vessel ready for operation in Norwegian water during summer 2021, the company said.

"With a strong focus on the towing and installation of floating units for offshore wind and the oil and gas industry, Maersk Supply Service sees a clear link between its core capabilities and the Norwegian market needs. In addition, the company’s ambition to decarbonize its fleet matches the ambition among key players in Norway," Maersk Supply Service said.

Equinor, Norway's largest oil company, for example, has added requirements to its long-term contracts requiring supply vessels to have hybrid battery operation and be prepared for shore power.

Duncan MacPherson, new Managing Director in Norway for Maersk Supply Service said: "Norway is a frontrunner when it comes to exploring new ways of lowering the environmental footprint of the offshore energy industry. Our anchor handlers are some of the most modern and energy-efficient vessels in the world. Therefore, we are confident that they are a suitable fit for the Norwegian market." 

"Our ambition is to be carbon neutral in 2050 and have reduced our carbon intensity by 50% by 2030. We have already taken firm action to improve our energy efficiency with behavioral changes and technical upgrades."

“Our goal is to have several vessels operating in Norway – both in the oil and gas industry and floating wind. Over the last five years, we have built up a strong track record in solutions capabilities combining our versatile fleet with full project management of offshore projects. Being able to offer full-scope solutions puts Maersk Supply Service in a unique position when it comes to planning and delivering complex offshore projects safely and efficiently,” says MacPherson.

Offshore Engineer reached out to Maersk Supply Service to learn which vessel exactly would be first deployed in Norway.

"We expect it to be Maersk Minder," a Maersk Supply Service spokesperson said.

According to the vessel's spec sheet, Maersk Minder is a DP2 anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS) of SALT design, built for deepwater anchor handling and oilfield operations.

"Powered by five medium speed engines with total output of more than 23,000 horsepower, a fuel-efficient and flexible hybrid propulsion system and fixed-pitch on all side thrusters, the vessel provides good fuel economy, low emissions and excellent station keeping capabilities (ERN 4 x 99)," MSS' vessel description reads.

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