Eneti Picks Shoreline Wind's Construction Simulation Software


Eneti, a company working to transition from its dry bulk shipping business into the offshore wind installation sector, has signed up for Shoreline Wind's construction simulation software, to help grow its offshore wind business.

The company, previously known as Scorpio Bulkers, last year said it would sell its dry bulkers and invest in the next generation wind turbine installation vessels. 

In August 2020, the company signed a letter of intent to purchase a newbuild wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) as a “first step in a transition towards a sustainable business in renewable energy”.

Tim Sanger, Eneti's Managing director said: "We have been extremely committed to this new direction. In early Q2 2021, our corporate transition will be at the point where the asset sale program is complete, and the organization can be 100% focused on building the pre-eminent wind turbine installation business with the highest-end assets focused on the most attractive markets."

To support this transition to offshore wind installation, Eneti selected Shoreline Wind to provide it with a platform to perform easy collaboration internally and with clients, while managing data intelligently together in one unified cloud-based system. 

Shoreline Wind is a company that provides cloud-based integrated simulation and data analytics solutions for the Design as well as Execution of offshore wind farms covering construction and O&M resource management, scheduling optimization, planning, dispatching, and reporting.

"[Shoreline Wind's system] allows us to quickly put all the pieces together. Information is integrated from multiple sources as windfarm, vessels and weather data are easily accessible from the same system. With many of our customers also using Shoreline Wind, it enables our collaboration with them, which is key for our growth. The support we receive from their software development team is market-leading," Sanger said.

According to Shoreline Wind, one of its key aspects is that its software doesn't only consolidate information, but allows users to develop solutions that are specifically created for the way the industry works. 

"This also applies for Eneti's decision to move forward with Shoreline's technology, as it offered unique functionalities based on deep insights into the offshore wind industry," Shoreline Wind said.

System Helps Select Best Vessel Combo for Projects

"The Shoreline Wind clearly understands how the industry works, and have developed [a] user-friendly [system] which we can base business-critical decisions on," Sanger said.

Talking about the system's functionalities for simulation for multi-vessel analysis and weather conditions, Sanger added: "With multi-vessel analysis, we are able to optimize the solution for our clients by assessing which vessel, or combination of vessels, provides the most operational and capital efficiency. The weather simulation using multi-factor constraints enables us to consider more than just significant wave height and wind speeds, and to more accurately predict and analyze real-world outcomes."

Offshore Engineer reached out to Shoreline Wind, looking to get more information on the deal with Eneti, and on the Shoreline Wind solution itself.

Shoreline's spokesperson couldn't share further details on the Eneti deal, apart from saying the company's solution was based on an annual license subscription that is based on two different cloud-based tools – Design & Execution.

The "Design" part is a tool that allows offshore/onshore enterprises to design entire wind farms by simulating, modeling and analyzing scenarios in a virtual environment. This removes the guesswork on initial construction/project phases and lets you understand the full financial and operational impact of lead time, weather downtime, and resource availability, according to the spokesperson.

The "Execution" is a data-driven approach to wind project construction and service, in which intelligent simulations deliver accurate forecasts and optimized daily schedules.

According to the Shoreline Wind spokesperson, the unique feature in Execution is the Shoreline optimization engine that automatically generates the most optimal plan with regards to production, utilization, downtime and more, based on the personnel, transport, and work orders the user defines.

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