Damen's New Fast Crew Supplier Launched in Turkey


Dutch shipbuilder Damen's new Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011, which will be able to carry 122 people in a single trip, hit the water earlier this month at Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey. 

The vessel, which Damen has dubbed "as a quantum leap forward in marine access solutions," has been described as a "cost-effective crew transportation alternative boasting robust safety characteristics."

According to Damen, the vessel is the largest ever to have been launched in Antalya Free Zone.  

Following the conclusion of outfitting activities now taking place, the FCS 7011 vessel will undergo sea trials off Antalya to test and demonstrate its capabilities. Following this, the fast crew supplier will sail to the Netherlands, where Ampelmann will install its gangway system, ready for fully-integrated proof of concept trials in the North Sea.

"To cut the costs of crew transfer, the FCS 7011 offers the opportunity to transport up to 122 personnel in a single trip. This raises the prospect of a move away from day-rate structures towards a pay per journey model and, potentially, vessel sharing, thereby increasing the efficiency of offshore operations," Damen said in a press statement on Wednesday.

The design of the FCS 7011 pays particular attention to onboard comfort – in both transit and transfer, the company says.Credit: Damen Shipyards

During transit, Damen said, the vessel’s Sea Axe bow plays an important role, reducing slamming to a minimum. Meanwhile, the accommodation is located just aft of mid-ships – where pitching motions are experienced minimally.

Also, Damen has incorporated interceptors to the vessel’s aft to reduce both pitch and roll motions during sailing.

"Inside, passengers have luxurious reclining seating with excellent visibility that helps connect them to the sea, enabling them to adjust and reducing the potential for seasickness," Damen said.

"To ensure that the theme of comfort continues during people transfer, Damen has integrated numerous motion-compensating technologies to achieve the optimal result. This involves the Kongsberg DP system, the tailor-made Ampelmann gangway, VEEM gyrostabilizer, MTU main engines, Hamilton waterjets, Danfoss shaft generators and Veth bow thrusters," Damen added.

Typically, Damen said, each of these components would be applied individually. Damen’s approach, the company said, has been to focus on enhancing the interaction between each one, creating a tightly integrated advanced control system that allows each part to excel in its specific task, resulting in a system greater than the sum of its parts. 

"This will set new standards in the marine access market on a global scale. Aiding efficiency with digital development In line with Damen’s aim of becoming the most digitalized shipbuilder, the FCS 7011 will also feature Damen Triton – a connected vessel platform. With sensors located around the vessel, the platform will collect information that will benefit operators, enabling remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and efficient sailing, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions," Damen said.

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